Spoons in June!

Hope you all relaxed in the glorious summer weather, have had enjoyable Bank Holidays, and are raring to get back into the swing of things! I’ve wound down so much I am not sure I can wind back up! But then again this Sunday afternoon there’s Deers Leap Wood to look forward to and this month we will be :-

a) Making / whittling spoons out of timber with the help of an expert.

b) John Hopkins is hoping to have completed his pole lathe so that we can try it out, and turn some sections of wood.  

The new pond is complete and already the newts have found it and are enjoying paddling about it the water. The bluebells should still be irridescent blue, and there will be all the vibrant colours in the flowers and surrounding vegetation to see too.

So do come down and join in the fun from about 1.30pm onwards. See you there but if the weather turns, and you are not sure whether it will be on or not, then by all means give myself or Phil a call on 0121 445 2755.

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